Interior PreHung Doors

Interior PreHung Doors

Interior PreHung Doors

Interior Prehung Doors And Slab Doors

Before moving on to the part where we explain how to install interior prehung doors, it will be better if we know what exactly a pre-hung door is and how is it different from a normal door (which we would call as a slab door). As the name says, a pre hung door is a door which is hanging in the frame already.

It is a completely manufactured and fully finished door which is ready to use. It is actually a complete self-contained product/unit which is ready to be installed.



The door can be used even if not installed because the hinges of the door are in the frame, firmly attached. In fact, these hinges are installed during the process the frame is being manufactured. So these are firmly part of the frame and the door is fixed into it. The main and essential parts of such a door are:

  • Hinges
  • Door slab
  • The frame

It is very different from a door slab because the door slab is just a piece of wood, cut in the shape of a door and it needs to be fixed. The door slab is installed when the hinges are installed, so it requires more labor and technical assistance than does a pre-hung door requires.


Interior prehung doors, although a little more expensive than a slab door, has many benefits and can be used in a number of different situations and places. It can be easily used and installed in a place where no frame exists. It can also be used when the frame has damaged or is so old that it is impossible to install another slab door there. Also sometimes the area where the hinges are screwed is damaged or breaks off, this makes the frame worthless and in this case the only option is to use a pre-hung door.


Another striking feature of these interior prehung doors is that they never cause trouble when it comes to sizing and fitting. Since they are factory manufactures, they are perfectly sized and cause no issues like tightness or loss fitting. These doors can also be installed easily anywhere, no matter it is interior or exterior because these are weather and season resistant.


Installing Interior PreHung Doors:

Installing a pre-hung interior door, is the most popular method of installation new doors these days. Whether you are renovating a house or building a new one, the most recommended thing is to install a pre-hung interior door. The reason why it is the most popular method is because it is the easiest. The first thing you need to do while installing a pre-hung interior door is to remove all the packing and tapes. This is important because once it gets installed then you cannot remove them and they really annoy hanging from the sides. After this trim the side walls.


No matter how perfect you measured the doorway, there is always a little extra in it. Then check floor levels. Make sure that it is leveled from all sides, if not, mark those places and trim them. After this, cut the pre-hung door. You will have to do this because there is always that extra wood they leave after manufacturing. Position the door carefully in the doorway and then fix it. This is all you need to know for installing a pre-hung door.


PreHung Interior Double Door:

There are not only single pre-hung interior doors for you to install. These pre-hung interior double doors are for bigger and larger areas and they have different usage. These doors are lounges or main house doors. Their designs are very much like the single ones and are as easy to use and install as the later ones are.


PreHung Interior French Doors:

A slightly different type of pre-hung interior doors is the pre-hung interior French doors. The only difference is in the style and design and the whole structure are the same. These doors are mostly used for interiors like in the lounge or living area and give a nice vintage look. There are many companies which are making such doors. There are many designs in them as well. As you can see, there are several types of Interior PreHung Doors, now is the choice what fits your style.


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